Wheeler reeling from Representative Selection

Updated: April 13, 2018

CRL Newcastle’s Holli Wheeler is one step closer to a potential NSW State of Origin and Jillaroos jersey after being named in the CRL Women’s Northern team to take on Southern in a representative trial on Saturday.

In only her second full year of playing tackle, Wheeler is honoured to be given the chance to play alongside and against some of the world’s best female Rugby League players.

“I’m definitely looking forward to playing against the likes of Vanessa Folaki and Talesha Quinn, they’re the backrowers for the Australian Jillaroos so they’re the benchmark,” Wheeler said.

“To get the opportunity to play against not one, but all of them is massive and I think it will definitely be a reality check for myself.

“I’m giving myself a massive challenge but the opportunity to play with some of the Jillaroos is amazing, you learn so much from them, they’re all incredible and they’re happy to help you where they can I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

Wheeler says that Rugby League has always been a big part of her life and regrets not taking the game up earlier.

“I look back now and I think I waited way too long to get back involved, football has been massive for my family and myself, we’ve lived and breathed it all our lives and now the pathways are there, the development is there.

“My father has always played football and he came and watched one of our games last year and he said ‘Some of you girls hit harder than the blokes!’

“He was initially saying that girls shouldn’t play, that it’s a man’s game and at the end of game he turned around and said ‘Look I’ll eat my words, I was wrong.’”

The CRL Women’s Northern v Southern Representative trial will take place at Glen Willow Regional Sports Complex, Mudgee; with the game kicking off at 10:30am.

Catch all the Live Stream action from the Women’s trial, as well as the Finals of the Andrew Johns and Laurie Daley Cups on CRL’s Facebook page and crlnsw.com.au from 10:30am Saturday, 14th April.