Western Stalwart Awarded CRL Life Membership

Updated: December 10, 2018

After 43 years of service to Group 10 and the Western region, Peter McDonald was awarded Country Rugby League Life Membership at the CRL Annual General Meeting on Friday, 7th December.

McDonald, who has filled the role of secretary, chairman and manager in various divisions of the Western Rugby League was delighted to receive the award.

“I’m very proud, very shocked, it’s something that I love doing so to get something like that is a real boost, kicks me over the moon, just something very special and very close to my heart,” McDonald said.

“I started in 1977 with the Cowra Club as 20-year-old, I’m 63 now so you’ve got 43 years of administration in Rugby League and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

McDonald has been the manager of the CRL Under-18’s side, accompanying them on five overseas tours, has been the chairman of the Western Rams for the last 11 years and affirmed he is proud to be part of the Western region’s success.

“I have seen the growth of rugby league here in the West, how our junior pathways have worked with our Under-16’s and 18’s both in the Grand Finals of the Johns and Daley Cups in recent years – all those things are just little treats along the way,”

“In my second year as secretary in 1978, Cowra won their first Group 10 Grand Final in First Grade; that was a major coup for the Cowra club and since then they have really kicked on and become one of the growth clubs within the area.”

The Cowra-based administrator admitted he had a brief stint playing rugby league before turning to the management side of the game and acknowledged his wife for her continued support.

“I didn’t have much ability, so it didn’t take me long to work out the administration was the easy side,”

“It didn’t even affect my family life because my wife is a mad rugby league supporter and she travels with me on most of the trips away,”

“She watches all the games on the TV like I do and love doing; she’s supported me all the way and she is a big part of what I have achieved.”

The perennial volunteer will again be the Group 10 secretary in 2019 and will chair the Western Rams division and confirmed he has collected nothing but positive memories throughout his years of service.

“I haven’t got any bad memories or any bad regrets about it…so far,”

“The Group 10 clubs have been great to me; I don’t think I’ve had a cross word with many of them,”

“I’m just happy to play my little part in the world of rugby league.”