The Power of Rugby League – Group 6 Referees Association

Updated: August 21, 2019

In 2017, Group 6 Referees had a change officiating strip due to a change of sponsors.

The new strip was supplied free of charge to all referees on the condition they returned to old strip.

In 2018, the old strip was collected and washed and  jerseys, polos and shorts were given to The Church of Jesus Christ of latter‐day Saints to distribute the Pacific Island communities in 2019.

A small community in Papua New Guinea was having family disputes which had become serious.

The community had a Rugby League team and the Group 6 Referee Jerseys were offered to the community team as a gift to quell the disputes and protect the community mission.

The Group 6 Referee jerseys brought the families together as a team and they even attended church on Sunday together as a team.

The power of Rugby League and the appreciation of a gift to the people is amazing. The members of Group 6 Referees know the respect for their strip will remain strong.

Ray Dwyer

Group 6 Referees