Rugby league clubs across Regional NSW have the opportunity to be at the forefront of changing attitudes and behaviours towards Domestic and Family Violence thanks to a new educational video resource produced by the Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV) in partnership with Country Rugby League (CRL).

Forming part of the NSW Government Tackling Violence program and featuring rugby league identities including David Peachey, Andrew Ryan, Nakia Davis-Welsh and Lavina O’Mealey, the videos use rugby league as a platform to educate and engage regional communities to discuss and identify the many issues surrounding family and domestic violence.

The series of 10 educational videos cover various themes including – ‘What constitutes family and domestic violence?’ and ‘How to change negative attitudes towards women and violence’ and will be used as an additional resource for the Tackling Violence program when conducting workshops with CRL clubs and can also be used by clubs to promote their support of the Tackling Violence program when welcoming new players, officials and volunteers to their club.

ECAV and Country Rugby League would like to thank Tribal Warrior, Domestic Violence NSW, No To Violence / Men’s Referral Service, Brain Injury Australia and the Cobar Roosters, Broken Hill Saints and Old Bar Pirates for their support in the creation of these videos.

The Tackling Violence educational video resource is available for all rugby league clubs, with downloadable options available by contacting CRL Media and Communications Manager Sam Pasfield – spasfield@crlnsw.com.au

Click here to learn more about the NSW Education Centre Against Violence 

*The following videos contain information that may be emotionally confronting for some people. If you find it raises any concerns please contact 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732.


Film 1 – Introduction to Tackling Violence Video Resource

Film 2: What does Domestic and Family Violence look like?

Film 3 – How Domestic and Family Violence Impacts Women and Children

Film 4 – Domestic and Family Violence and Acquired Brain Injury

Film 5 – Supporting Positive Attitudes about Women

Film 6 – Taking a Stand Against Domestic and Family Violence

Film 7 – Supporting Victims of Domestic and Family Violence

Film 8 – Change is Possible

Video 9 – Women In Rugby League

Film 10 – Tackling Violence Awareness Sessions