Results: Round 1 Under-23’s and Women’s Country Championships

Updated: March 9, 2019

Here are all the results from Round One of the Men’s Under-23’s and Women’s Representative matches.


Riverina Bulls 22 (E Hickey 2, T Staines, T Katoa tries; G Suckling 2 goals) def. Newcastle & Hunter 6 (T Luschwitz try; A Waterhouse goal)

Illawarra SC Dragons 52 (C Cardwell 3, J Strong 2, B Constable, K Davis, J Sarin, Z Smith, O Barry tries; R Pearson 5 goals, T Atfield 1 goal) def. GSR West Tigers 0

North Coast Bulldogs 22 (S Long, N Binge, T Mcrae, G Smith, E Johnston tries; L Ward 1 goal) def. Greater Northern Tigers 0

Central Coast Roosters 20 (E Frost, A Wright, K Dibb, S Burton tries; K Dibb 2 goals) def. Northern Rivers Titans 4 (E Ross)

Monaro Colts 30 (J Ottaway 2, H Massey, A Ingram, J Tooth tries; S Wright 5 goals) def. Western Rams 6 (A Ryan try; R Ford goal)


Riverina Bulls 26 (J Fisher, L Ingram, C Wall, J Corcoran tries; J Corcoran 5 goals) def. Newcastle & Hunter 18 (F Campbell 2, C Munro McGrady tries; J Beagley 3 goals)

Illawarra SC Dragons 64 (M Applebee 2, S Cameron, J Brooker, N Greenhalgh, C Vazzoler, C Purcell, M Wolfson, T Angel tries; C Vazzoler 10 goals) def. GSR Wests Tigers 4 (B Steele try)

Greater Northern Tigers 26 (C French, D Nicholls, J Bradley, I Austin, M Gillam tries; W Nieuwenhuise 3 goals) def. North Coast Bulldogs 20 (O Blair 2, J Lauder, D Lavender tries; O Blair 2 goals)

Central Coast Roosters 30 (Jacob McCudden 2, L Bell, T Bateup, T Mahon tries; L Hanneghan 5 goals) def. Northern Rivers Titans 18 (J Patston, K Hensby, R Shepherd, B Westerman tries; K Sheather goal)

Monaro Colts 62 (N Nukurua 3, N Cornish 2, S Afemui 2, Z Patch, B Loughhead, J Stuckey, J Pollard, I Latu tries; N Cornish 3 goals, H Van Dartel goal) def. Western Rams 20 (T Adelerhof 2, M Burke, H Bolam tries; B Hartwig 2 goals)