Results: Men’s U23’s and Ladies League Tag Country Championships

Updated: May 5, 2018

Ladies League Tag Round One Results:

Northern Pool
Greater Northern Tigers 22 (J Baker 2, D Porter, S Casson tries; A Barraclough 3 goals) def. Northern Rivers 0

Central Coast 18 (S Markan, S George, S Stockwell tries; H Buchanan 3 goals) def. North Coast 6 (H White tries; D Lawrence goal)

Southern Pool
Illawarra South Coast Dragons 24 
(C Hatch, K Thomas, A Barnard, C Ryan, J Emerson tries; C Ryan 2 goals) def. Western Rams 18 (H Regan 2, S Stammers tries; R Ford 3 goals)

GSR Wests Tigers 20 (K Hope, C Hope, A Byrne, B Stewart tries; K Hope, B Stewarts goals) def. Riverina Bulls 4 (R Glanville)


Under-23’s Round One Results:

Northern Pool
Northern Rivers 26 (J Besgrove 3, M Dwayne 2 tries; B O’Gorman 3 goals) def. Greater Northern Tigers 14 (Z Leonard 2, J Mulhern tries; W Nieuwenhuise goal)

North Coast 24 ( L Hampton 2, L Beaumont, B Wells tries; M Hart 4 goals) def. Central Coast 22 (J Carlisle, T Mclean, B Thomas, B Steven tries; J Trindall 2 goals, B Wiley goal)

Southern Pool
Illawarra South Coast Dragons 40  (C Cornell 2, C Vazzoler, J Daley, S Mason, K Field, L Cassidy ,T Pellow tries; Z Greene 3 goals, K Field goal) def. Western Rams 16 (T Satterthwaite, B Searle, S Simmons tries; A Bonham 2 goals)

Riverina Bulls 54 (S Tracey 3, Z Graham, H Jollifee, T Gorman, T Dickson, A Slater, E Ansell, J Lyons tries; S Tracey 7 goals) def. GSR Wests Tigers 16 (D Palmer-Quigg, J Poaru, B Sutton tries;D Palmer Quigg 2 goals)