Results: Andrew Johns and Laurie Daley Cups

Updated: March 24, 2018

The Newcastle Knights DS and North Coast played the final match of the regular season at Foster’s Harry Elliott Park on Friday, 30th March after adverse weather conditions led to their scheduled match in Wingham being postponed. The Knights won both the Laurie Daley and Andrew Johns Cup matches to secure a place in the Semi-Finals in Dubbo on Saturday, 7th April.

The Western Rams and Illawarra South Coast Dragons secured their place in the Andrew Johns Cup Semi-Finals with strong victories over GSR Wests Tigers and Riverina, with the Rams and Dragons set to face Northern Rivers and Newcastle Knights in the Semi-Finals.

The Riverina Bulls and Monaro Colts have secured places in the Laurie Daley Cup Semi-Finals, with the Bulls and Colts set to face the Greater Northern Tigers and the Newcastle Knights.


Andrew Johns Cup Semi Finals

Western Rams v Northern Rivers
Newcastle Knights DS v Illawarra South Coast Dragons


Laurie Daley Cup Semi Finals

Newcastle Knights DS v Monaro Colts
Riverina Bulls v Greater Northern Tigers


Andrew Johns Cup 

Illawarra South Coast Dragons 22 def. (E O’Connell, J Patterson, B Tooth, B Lawrence-Foye tries; J Patterson 3 goals) Riverina Bulls nil

Northern Rivers 18 def. (S Pratt, K Fourmile Bolt, E Foster tries; T Roberts 3 goals) Greater Northern Tigers 16 (K Bone, D Kelly, C Brown; B Miller-Freebairn 2 goals)

Monaro Colts 26 def. (2 Tully Wilton, Keanan Ngan-Woo, J Potter, M Lowah tries; A Naidu 3 goals) Penrith Panthers 22 (R Smith 2, A Uelese 2 tries; Z Knights 3 goals)

Western Rams 74 def. (A Nunn 3, J Dominello 2, R Blackhall 2, M Pollack, J Smith, N Griffiths, J Smith, T Colley, E Colliss, N Ryan tries; T Colley 8, C Monk goal) GSR Wests Tigers nil

Newcastle Knights 24 (R Cook, B Linnane, M Langi, Z Moss, J McGill tries; J McGill 2 goals) def. North Coast 4 (R Kendell try)


Laurie Daley Cup 

Riverina Bulls 30 def. (K Fisher, J Newling, B Arandt,Z Rumble, J Elphick, R Clegg tries; T Mclachlan 4 goals) Illawarra South Coast Dragons 14 (M Hefferna, J Brisbane, J Watling tries; N Sharp goal)

Greater Northern Tigers 22 def. (K Johnson 2, T Taylor, S Dengate; B Ellis 3 goals) Northern Rivers 18 (L Cusack, L Hallard, M Buttenshaw tries; E Kane 3 goals)

Monaro Colts 40 def. (C Bower-Scott 2, I Lanham, C Griffiths, M Atkinson, M Parsons, M Atkinson, C O’Connor tries; M Atkinson 4 goals, T Stewart 2 goals) Penrith Panthers 12 (B Henderson, J Sialaoa Ofoia tries; F Isaacs 2 goals)

Western Rams 26 def. ( Z Galea, H Blake, C Martin, D Spathis, L Bane tries; B Naden 3 goals) GSR Wests Tigers 12 (T.Stanley-Silao, W Saliba tries; J Poulsen 2 goals)

Newcastle Knights 42 (S Tuitupou, T Petersen, S Abraham, I Mataora, M Meafua, R Potts, T Doney, J Smith tries; J Smith 5 goals) def. North Coast 6 (J Moore try; M Buderus goal)