Country Rugby League clubs can join the game-wide “Respect” initiative from this weekend, with Captain and Coach “Respect” pledges, promotional posters, audio messages and “Let them Play” educational videos available to all clubs.

The “Respect” initiative, introduced into the AAMI Country Championships in 2016, aims to stamp out unacceptable behaviour both on the field and on the sidelines and features a variety of “Respect” procedures and protocols to ensure players and coaches display positive actions and attitudes towards referees, as well as respecting their opponents, officials and spectators.

In a move to promote positive behaviour on the Rugby League field, clubs are encouraged to download a “Respect” pledge for their coaches and players to sign to act in a manner that displays the core values of the game – excellence, inclusiveness, courage, teamwork and respect.

Clubs are also encouraged to download the CRL “Respect” Initiative promotional poster to display at their home grounds, along with a “Respect” audio message to play from NSW Blues Coach Laurie Daley.

The “Let them Play” educational video series is also available for Junior League clubs to share through their social media networks and features strong “Respect” messages from current and past NSW State of Origin  greats and Junior League players, taking a stance to stop negative behaviour at footy grounds across the country.

At the heart of the campaign are messages such as “let them play and enjoy what they are doing”, “it’s all about having fun with your mates, not about winning”, and that pressure from coaches and parents is “embarrassing”, “scares them, intimidates them” and “makes kids give up sport”.

CRL CEO Terry Quinn believes the “Respect” initiative is a great way to promote respectful behaviour both on and off the field.

“Rugby League is a game we all love and we all have a responsibility in creating a positive environment on and off the field,” said Quinn.

“I believe this is an exciting initiative that builds on our existing procedures and protocols that promote good sportsmanship and respect for our opponents, referees, officials and spectators.

“It’s great to see this initiative being implemented in both the CRL, NSWRL and QRL and I strongly encourage all of our clubs across Regional NSW to support this campaign and lead the way in promoting respect throughout the Rugby League family.”

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Click here to download “Respect” Initiative CRL Poster

Click here to download “Respect” Initiative Coach and Player Pledge

Click here to download “Respect” Initiative Laurie Daley Audio Message 

“Let them Play” Educational Video Series