2017 U16/18 CRL Country Championships Draw

The 2017 CRL U16/18’s Country Championships will see the best young players from across regional New South Wales vying for the coveted title of ‘Country Champions’.

Eight regions will feature in the Championships with the Central Coast, Newcastle, Western Rams, Bidgee Bulls, Greater Southern Stingrays, Greater Southern Redbacks, Greater Northern Tigers and the East Coast Dolphins being represented in both age divisions across the five week competition that takes place in 12 Regional towns throughout New South Wales.

Country Rugby League selectors will be present at each match with players to be selected for the Country U16/18 Representative teams which will tour later in the year.

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Week 1 

Northern Pool – Saturday, 4th March 

U16 East Coast Dolphins  54 def. Central Coast Roosters 0 (Geoff King Oval, Coffs Harbour)

U16 Newcastle Rebels 54 def.  Greater Northern Tigers 0 (Geoff King Oval, Coffs Harbour)

U18 Central Coast Roosters 44 def. East Coast Dolphins 36 (Geoff King Oval, Coffs Harbour)

U18 Newcastle Rebels 28 def.  Greater Northern Tigers 18 (Geoff King Oval, Coffs Harbour)

Southern Pool – Sunday, 5th March

U16 Western Rams 30 def. Greater Southern Stingrays 16 (Seiffert Oval, Canberra)

U16 Bidgee Bulls 28 def. Greater Southern Redbacks 12 (Seiffert Oval, Canberra)

U18 Western Rams 50 def. Greater Southern Stingrays 4 (Seiffert Oval, Canberra)

U18 Bidgee Bulls 40 def. Greater Southern Redbacks (Seiffert Oval, Canberra)



Week 2 – Saturday, 11th March 

Northern Pool 

U16  Newcastle Rebels 21 def. East Coast Dolphins 20 (Wingham Sporting Complex)

U16 Greater Northern Tigers 30 def. Central Coast 16 (McKinnon Field, Aberdeen)

U18  Newcastle Rebels 36 def. East Coast Dolphins 16 (Wingham Sporting Complex)

U18 Greater Northern Tigers 24 def. Central Coast 20 (McKinnon Field, Aberdeen)

Southern Pool

U16 Western Rams 34 def. Greater Southern Redbacks 22 (Kirkham Park, Camden)

U16 Greater Southern Stingrays 22 drew with Bidgee Bulls 22 (Twickenham, Tumut)

U18 Western Rams 30 def. Greater Southern Redbacks 18 (Kirkham Park, Camden)

U18 Greater Southern Stingrays 54 def. Bidgee Bulls 14 (Twickenham, Tumut)


Week 3 – Saturday, 18th March

Northern Pool 

U16 Newcastle Rebels 24 def. Central Coast 10 (Cessnock Sportsground, Cessnock)

U18 Newcastle Rebels 34 def. Central Coast 24 (Cessnock Sportsground, Cessnock)

U16 East Coast Dolphins 40 def. Greater Northern Tigers 16  (Jack Woolaston Oval, North Tamworth)

U18 Greater Northern Tigers 52 def.  East Coast Dolphins 16 (Jack Woolaston Oval, North Tamworth)

Southern Pool

U16 Bidgee Bulls 20 def. Western Rams 6 (Jock Colley Field, Parkes)

U18 Western Rams 24 def. Bidgee Bulls(Jock Colley Field, Parkes)

U16 Gtr. Southern Stingrays  18 def. Gtr. Southern Redbacks 12 (Mackay Park, Batemans Bay)

U18 Gtr. Southern Stingrays  36 def. Gtr. Southern Redbacks 6 (Mackay Park, Batemans Bay)


Week 4 – Saturday, 25th March 

Semi – Finals – Carrington Park, Bathurst

U16 East Coast Dolphins 44 def. Bidgee Bulls 0

U16 Western Rams 36 def. Newcastle Rebels 34

U18 Newcastle Rebels 46 def. Greater Southern Stingrays 22

U18 Western Rams 44 def. Greater Northern Tigers 10


Week 5 –  Saturday, 1st April 

Finals – Cessnock Sportsground

U16 Western Rams 32 def. East Coast Dolphins 22

U18 Western Rams 32 def. Newcastle Rebels 26