Group 7 All Stars Carnival Announced

Updated: November 10, 2017
Group 7

South Coast Group 7 Rugby League will host an All-Stars Carnival in 2018, with a number of exciting matches to be held to raise awareness of local Indigenous culture and celebrate the beginning of another exciting season.

The All Stars Carnival will feature a Group 7 All Stars Team taking on a Group 7 Indigenous team, along with a Ladies League Tag All Stars match and Round Robin U18’s club-based Nines Tournament.

The Group 7 All-Stars team will be coached by Adam Vanzanten and Adam Bezzina, while Nathaniel Morrison will coach the Group 7 Indigenous team.

All players in these squads must be under 23 years of age, as this match will act as a trial for the Group 7 team that will take on Illawarra – before joining forces with the Coal League to create the South Coast Dragons.

Russell Colgate will coach the Group 7 WLT invitational side, while John Simon will be in charge of the Group 7 WLT president’s side – both teams will contain 17 players.

The All-Stars Carnival is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 10th March with a venue yet to be determined.