Group 20 Introduce ‘Come and Try’ Scheme for Minis to U18’s

Updated: March 21, 2017

Group 20 Rugby League will place participation and player safety at the forefront of their competitions in 2017, with exciting new initiatives agreed upon by the Senior and Junior Executives at a recent meeting held at Griffith Leagues Club.

To encourage new participants to become involved in Rugby League, Group 20 will introduce a ‘Come and Try’ scheme throughout the pre-season where all junior players from Mini’s to U18’s can come and register for no cost and play for two weeks before deciding if they want to continue playing Rugby League.

Junior Rugby League President Matt Sheldrick believes the scheme is a great way to introduce new players to the game.

“Rugby League is a great sport and we’ve got to offer incentives for kids to come and try our game,” said Sheldrick.

“If we can offer parents the opportunity for their kids to try our game for free, then we’re confident they’ll fall in love with it and want to stay.

“Participants involved in the ‘Come and Try’ scheme will be covered by insurance during their trial period which is a major relief for parents whose kids are becoming interested in sports.”

Along with the new participation initiative, Group 20 Rugby League will also introduce tougher penalties for unaccredited coaches and trainers wanting to be involved in the game. 

Group 20 Rugby League President Greg Blackstock believes the welfare and safety of participants is a vital component of running successful competition’s and is confident new coaches and trainers will be proactive in gaining the relative qualifications for their roles.

“Rugby League is part of the fabric of our communities and we need to ensure that our players, regardless of their age, are looked after and surrounded by people with the right qualifications for the job,” said President, Greg Blackstock

“There a plenty of courses on offer for those wanting to be involved in our game as coaches and trainers and the rules are clear – if you’re not qualified you will be banned from participating until you have completed the necessary training.

“We’re not trying to make it difficult for people to be involved, we’re just ensuring the safety of our players, and clubs could face additional penalties if they’re not compliant.”

The Senior Executive also extended the ‘18-month policy’ to encompass all junior ages including U16’s and 18’s competitions. This allows players born in the later months of the year to continue playing against players closer to their age group the following season.

The Executive’s also agreed to consolidate calendars in 2018 to ensure that both Senior and Junior clubs could participate as ‘one’ more frequently in a home and away format.

Coaches and trainers looking aquire/update their qualifications can contact Group 20 Rugby League for upcoming course dates and enrollments.