Greater Southern Ripe to End Roosters Reign

Updated: July 26, 2019

Two years ago, the Greater Southern Region went down to the Central Coast Roosters in the League Tag Final; this Saturday they’ll be they’re looking for redemption.

Greater Southern Coach Cheyanne Hatch was pleased with her side’s undefeated run in the Southern Pool at Yass last weekend, especially after a gritty 14-10 win over the Western Rams in the final match of the day that included a send-off.

“I was very proud of their efforts last weekend in Yass, to win all three games and the teamwork and dedication that was shown was awesome to see,” Hatch said.

“The last ten minutes of the game against Western was very competitive.

“I’m normally playing so I wasn’t used to being on the sideline with the pressure and not being able to go out there and do anything was definitely a different feeling.

“I didn’t say too much to be honest during this time and that’s when the girls knew even I was a bit nervous as normally they can’t get a word in with me!

“I knew it would be tough playing a player short, especially losing Carly Ryan, one of our key middle players and our Captain

“However, after seeing the girls defence in the previous games I was confident they would do well and keep Western out, which they did sealing the game with our third win of the day.”

The Greater Southern Region team is made up of players from Group 6, Group 7 and the Illawarra competition but despite their disparity, Hatch says the team has come together and relished the experience.

“With three training sessions under our belt now the girls are gelling and have really come together well.

“It is quite hard sometimes getting girls from different teams coming together as one at a representative team, not to mention three different groups.

“But with such a great group of girls and having majority lucky enough to play together prior to this Championships it has made training and the whole experience easier and far more enjoyable.”

Talia Atfield, Tyler Finn, Alanna Glasson and Carly Ryan were all part of the team that lost to the Roosters in the Final two years ago, and Hatch says these four, along with the rest of the team will definitely be excited to challenge the Roosters for their title.

“We are definitely excited for the challenge, with the team that we have and the strengths, speed and skill level across the field we will definitely give Central Coast a great game.

“We aren’t concerned or worried about the fact that they are last years winners – the girls are focusing on themselves and know the key players from Central Coast to shut down.”

The Greater Southern Region have benefited from this year’s changed format and Hatch believes the introduction of an Under-16’s division will only bolster the Women’s game.

“The girls and myself have enjoyed the Championships so far and have preferred having the Championships over two weekends instead of spread out over a month.

“I think for growing combinations and building relationships with girls from three different groups it has been more successful playing more consistently rather then spread out.

“Also, having the Under 16’s girls there and lucky enough for our region to also be playing in the Final this weekend is great for the growth of the game and it’s only going to continue to grow now that girls at a younger age now have a representative pathway.”

The Central Coast Roosters v Greater Southern Region Opens League Tag Championships Final will be played on Saturday, 27th July at Morry Breen Oval, Wyong and will kick-off at 11:25am, with the match being live streamed on our website and Facebook Page thanks to BAR TV sports.