Greater Southern Look to Tame Tigers

Updated: July 26, 2019

The Under-16’s Greater Southern Region and the Greater Northern Tigers League Tag sides were undefeated in their respective pools last weekend and both coaches are looking forward to seeing their teams battle it out for the inaugural Championship shield at Wyong tomorrow.

Greater Northern Tigers Coach Kate McCulloch was impressed with the skill level her side showed in their three games at Glen Innes last weekend.

“The girls really surprised with me with how well they were able to gel together, not having many training sessions and being able to stick the game plan,” McCulloch said.

“Even a lot of senior teams can’t go out there after a few training sessions and pull off some plays and moves and throw the ball around but they did that.”


Having started coaching five years ago with the Armidale Rams, McCulloch is passionate about the Women’s game and proud of her team’s achievements in the new League Tag format.

“I’m pretty proud of the team, especially seeing as though it’s the inaugural year of the Under-16s competition.

“We didn’t really know what to expect or what the competition was going to be like and the girls stepped up and gave it their all so I’m really proud of the effort.

“To play alongside the women’s team and just be a part of it all it gives them a bit of motivation.

“It’s a big jump from club level because in club games you probably have two or three standout players, whereas at this level everyone’s coming together and everyone’s got skills.

“It’s a huge jump and it’s a really good experience for these girls and hopefully they’ll be able to take it back to their clubs.

“That’s what I said the girls ‘I’m not here just to win it, I’m here to teach you and hopefully improve you as players so you can go and do the same to your team mates and younger players coming through.’”

McCulloch will be relying on players like Jules Fitzpatrick, Matilda Jones and Caitlin Warren to control the game and fullback Kaziah McLaren to run through holes, but believes the whole team will be a threat.

“I think they should go in pretty confident and if we can stick to our game plan we should be pretty strong out there and hopefully that’s enough to get us the win.

“Every girl will be dangerous because they’ll be getting the ball at the right time.”

Greater Southern Coach Aaron Lucas was thrilled with his side’s undefeated run in Yass last weekend, especially after the team only had one training session two weeks beforehand.

“They were really good the first game and then after that we didn’t play our best footy but really hung in there,” Lucas said.

“We came back from eight nil down in the second game; we worked well together and showed some really good character.

“I’m super proud to say that we only had one training session – a lot of them didn’t know each other but the way they hung in there and worked hard for each other I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

After playing three games together in Yass and training on Wednesday night, Lucas believes the team has bonded even more and is looking forward to travelling up the Coast together today.

“If you would have seen some them on Wednesday night at training they were full of beans, we were mucking around and laughing.

“But we got out and did some serious stuff for half an hour at the end but you could tell they had bonded after having a day together playing footy.”

Lucas’ players to watch include Bindi O’Hara, Rylee Jansen and Kiara Bolz.

The Greater Northern Tigers v Greater Southern Region Under-16’s League Tag Championships Final will be played on Saturday, 27th July at Morry Breen Oval, Wyong and will kick-off at 10:00am, with the match being live streamed on our website and Facebook Page thanks to BAR TV sports.