Finish With the Right Stuff Video Resources

Partnered with_ Country Rugby League

Country Rugby League has teamed up with NSW Health to encourage junior players to add healthy snacks to their post-match routines.

NSW Health’s Finish with the Right Stuff program is being rolled out to junior rugby league clubs and associations across the state to encourage players to refuel with healthy food and water after they’ve sweated it out for a match or training session.

Program ambassador, Australian Jillaroo and Golden Boot winner Isabelle Kelly is part of an educational video resource produced by CRL in partnership with Finish with the Right Stuff. 

Find out more about Finish with the Right Stuff by clicking here 


Video 1: Champions don’t run on junk food 

Video 2: What do you eat on game day? 

Video 3: What do you eat if you’re playing a late game?

Video 4: Why is eating the right stuff important? 

Video 5: Why is water important?

Video 6: Pre-game day with Isabelle Kelly