Dubbo CYMS Primed for back-to-back Challenge Cup Glory

Updated: June 7, 2019

Photo courtesy of Amy McIntyre / Daily Liberal 

Dubbo CYMS are unbeaten at the top of the Group 11 ladder and will be ready to take on the Guildford Owls at Apex Park in the NSW Challenge Cup this weekend, after beating the same team in a 62-18 domination last year.

The knockout competition is made up of 16 teams (10 from NSWRL and six from CRL) and kicked off in February this year; Dubbo CYMS Captain / Coach Jarryn Power affirmed his side is looking forward to battling it out for $10,000 in prizemoney.

“We all really enjoy the Challenge Cup games, it’s a bit of different competition that we don’t usually get to play against so there’s an enthusiasm there to come out and show your skills against different opposition,” Power said.

“It’s got a very similar feel to last year, obviously with the same opposition but I think last year they may have had a few players out.

“I’ve been assured this year they’ll be bringing their best so we’re definitely looking forward to the challenge.”

Power’s players to watch include Alex Bonham and Corey Cox, who will be returning from injury.

After Tim Ryan stepped down as Head Coach from CYMS last year, Power believes their season has been positive and he has been relishing his time as Captain / Coach.

“Obviously, I have the support of the club but most importantly I have the support of the boys too.

“Jai Chapman and Alex Ronayne offer a lot of support and leadership as well so it makes my job a lot easier; I’m definitely enjoying it.

“It’s been a tough season, we’ve come out and had a bit of adversity with people missing each week.

“It’s hard to get those combinations but we’ve been staying in the grind and coming up with wins.

“Winning the comp is always the goal, that’s the big picture but we take every week as it comes so we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves.”

The Dubbo CYMS v Guildford Owls NSW Challenge Cup Final will be played on Saturday, 8th June at Apex Oval, with the match kicking off at 3:00pm.

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