CRL donates $10,000 to CRL Referees Association

Updated: February 8, 2018
Go Pro for CRLRA1

Country Rugby League CEO Terry Quinn has announced that CRL will donate $10,000 to the Country Rugby League Referee’s Association to spend on equipment that will ultimately improve the officiating of games across Regional NSW.

The money has been used to purchase 30 GoPro cameras, which will be fitted onto referees during Junior League games throughout the state. The cost will cover the cameras, harnesses for the chest and head as well as memory cards.

Country Rugby League Referees Association Secretary Geoff Whiddon believes introducing the Go Pros will create a number of positive benefits for everyone involved.

“From a referring point of view we’re going to be using the GoPros as a training tool which allows us to see where the referees are standing, where they are looking, how they are moving across the field and where are they standing in relation to the ball,” said Whiddon

“Now of course if the referee’s performance gets better that increases the ability for the game to flow better and therefore leads to better outcomes for the kids playing football.”

Whiddon believes the cameras will also help with crowd behaviour issues that sometimes arise during Junior League games.

“If people know they are being filmed they are less likely to cause problems, but if they do cause problems we have it as video evidence if they are called to a tribunal hearing to show they are not fit to be involved with Junior Rugby League.”

The footage will be constantly reviewed as part of the referees training and the CRLRA will be encouraging the referee’s coaches in each association to also review the footage to further improve the refereeing standards.

CRL CEO Terry Quinn believes this will be of great advantage to the referees, players and spectators at Junior Rugby League matches.

“This huge advancement in technology will make sure the referees are doing the best job they possibly can, which in turn benefits the players and parents as the quality of junior games continues to improve.”