CRL clubs unite to support Shoosh for Kids Week

Updated: May 16, 2018

Over 100 Country Rugby League clubs have joined forces to promote positive sideline behaviour at junior sporting events as part of the NSW Office of Sport ‘Shoosh for Kids Week.’

Running from 14-20th May, Country Rugby League has been joined by 11 sporting bodies in encouraging their clubs to support the cause and help to create a positive environment for junior participants in grassroots sport; whilst addressing issues which arise from poor sideline behaviour including – abuse to officials, reduced volunteer numbers and reduced participation rates.

CRL CEO Terry Quinn believes Shoosh for Kids Week provides an opportunity to send a consistent message to everyone involved in grassroots sport.

“The campaign reminds spectators of all ages to be on their best behaviour when attending children’s sport and to remember it’s all about kids having a positive and encouraging experience,” said Quinn.

“There’s no place in our game, or any other game, for negative comments directed at players and officials and it’s fantastic to see the codes working together to put an end to this.

“We’ve had over 100 clubs register to be a part of the campaign this year and we strongly encourage others to get on board before the weekend.”

Shoosh for Kids was introduced by Newcastle Junior Rugby League in 2015 and grew to encompass six major sporting codes in 2017.

Winter sports supporting Shoosh for Kids Week in 2018 include Country Rugby League, NSWRL, AFL NSW/ACT, Basketball NSW, Football NSW, Hockey NSW, Netball NSW, Softball NSW, Swimming NSW, Tennis NSW and NSW Rugby Union.

Click here to register and support Shoosh for Kids Week