Coroneos Thrilled with Third Consecutive League Tag Title

Updated: August 1, 2019

The Central Coast Roosters Opens League Tag side took out the Championship in an enthralling 13-12 win over the Greater Southern Region last weekend and their Coach Jeff Coroneos couldn’t be prouder of his team.

Having coached the champion side for the last three years, Coroneos was impressed with Greater Southern’s speed and knew the game would come down to the wire.

“We knew that they were a really fast team and I think that probably made it hard for us at times to play the exact game we wanted to play, just because of their sheer pace,” Coroneos said.

“We knew it was going to be going to go one way or another and we just wanted to hang in there in those crucial moments which we were able to do.

“When the field goal was kicked, the girls started celebrating, which they were definitely entitled to do, but there was still two minutes left on the clock.

“I knew that the game wasn’t gone so those last two sets we held out one set and one of our 16-year-old players charged down what would have been an inkling field goal and that gave them another set.

“I had confidence that the girls were going to work hard and I knew they would defend, I just didn’t want to give away a penalty or something silly in those final minutes, luckily, we didn’t so I was really happy.

“We would like to thank Greater Southern for an outstanding game – they were great sports, very gracious in defeat and a good bunch of girls.”

CRL introduced a new format to the League Tag Championships this year, having the tournament over two consecutive weekends and Coronoes believes this worked in his side’s favour and allowed other teams more game time.

“Last year we had to play four games over consecutive weekends and we had a bit of disruption with people coming in and out just because of other commitments and injuries.

“This year because it was only two weeks back-to-back and we were able to keep pretty much the same side, so the shortened format was really good.

“It was actually really good to go up to Glen Innes because we hadn’t played Northern Rivers before so that was good to play them.

“Each team got to play at least three games and got chance to build, so I thought it was good for all teams, plus it was a full day and was a festive, community sort of event.”