Additional CRL Women’s Nines Competitions Announced

Updated: August 23, 2017
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Interest in Women’s Rugby League continues to grow across Regional NSW, with Country Rugby League announcing additional Women’s Nines competitions kicking-off in the Riverina, Group 4 and Group 19 throughout November.

After the success of inaugural competitions held throughout the state last season, the new competitions will join the Illawarra, Central Coast-Hunter, Group 21, Western Region and Hastings League in hosting competitions in 2017.

With almost 50% of nationally registered female rugby league players participating in CRL tackle or tag competitions, the concept is expected to expand with several groups expressing interest to host competitions at the completion of  local Ladies League Tag seasons.

The Group 4 and 19 competitions will be played over a six-week period with three individual gala days to be played each fortnight until the completion of each competition.

The Riverina competition will be played at six different venues over six-weeks and will kick-off on Saturday, 28th October.

CRL Female Participation Officer Kylie Hilder believes the new competitions are a great indication of the increasing popularity of Women’s Rugby League.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of interest from both groups and girls looking to host or participate in CRL Women’s Nines competitions,” said Hilder.

“The more competitions we start, the more interest there is and the Nines are the perfect opportunity for new and returning players to play, or try, tackle rugby league alongside their friends.

“It’s an exciting time for Women’s Rugby League and we’re looking forward to announcing more competitions in the near future.”

All competitions begin with a ‘Come and Try’ skills session, followed by multiple short, fast-paced games played on a full sized field over a six-week period.

Participants are able to try contact Rugby League in shorter matches, with a pathway to further Representative competitions planned for the future.

Any groups or teams interested in hosting CRL Women’s Nines competitions can contact CRL Female Participation Officer Kylie Hilder – 


CRL Women’s Nines Competition Details


Kick-Off: Friday, November 3rd

Age Groups: Under-17’s , Open-Aged

Contact –

Click here to register 


Group 21

Kick-Off: November 2017

Age Groups: Under-18’s , Open-Aged

Contact – 

Click here to register 


Central Coast / Hunter

Kick-Off: Saturday, November 11th – Saturday 16th September.

Age Groups: Under-14, 16’s, 18’s, Open-Age

All teams looking to participate can contact Kylie Hilder –

Click here to register for competition and introductory clinic 


Hastings League

Kick-Off: Friday, 4th August

Age Groups: Open-Aged

Contact: Geoff Connor- 0408 852 662


Western Women’s Competition

Kick-Off: September 23rd – 28th October

Age Groups: Expressions of interest accepted

Teams will be beased on a nine-a-side format, with an option for 13-a-side.

Contact –

Click here to register


Riverina Women’s Competition 

Kick-off: October 28th – December 2nd

Age Groups: U14, U16, Open-Age

Contact: All teams looking to participate can contact Kylie Hilder –

*Expressions of interest must be submitted by Monday, October 9th.


Group 4 

Groups or teams interested in participating in the Group 4 competition can contact Peter Blom –


Group 19

Groups or teams interested in participating in the Group 19 competition can contact Bronwyn Marks –