Tigers Ready To Tackle Nines

Updated: November 3, 2017
Group 19 Nines

By Ellen Dunger / Armidale Express

For what they lack in experience, Uralla Tigers are hoping to make up for in enthusiasm when they take the field in Group 4’s first women’s nines competition this Saturday. The women’s version of the sport is one of the fastest growing in regional areas with Country Rugby League experiencing a 63 per cent increase in female participation in the last two years.

More than 1000 women have signed up to nines competitions this year and Uralla are excited to be part of Group 4’s first alongside South West Robins, Werris Creek and North Tamworth. Hannah Skewes was thrilled when she heard about the tournament starting and jumped at the chance to try tackle after playing league tag with the Tigers.

A host of players from opposing teams have already had a taste of the nines format with the North West competition earlier this year.

Skewes said it will be a new experience for the Uralla girls, with some never playing full contact rugby league, but they have worked hard and are ready to put their best foot forward.

“They [Tamworth] are going to be tough because this is our first time in having a go at it whereas there is a fair few of them that have played in last year’s comp so they are going to have one up on us in regards to knowing what it is like,” she said.

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